"Shining Bright " 
North Beach|San Francisco 
Definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in the City! I caught the light just right on the Transamerica Building too! 

Im curating a Art show pretty soon where im gonna showcase a couple films that ive been working on as well as presenting two other photographers and a painter. The idea is a “New Renaissance” Inspired by the House of Medici..The bay area, especially San Francisco is going through a transitional period and a lot of people are leaving and new people are arriving. There is a lot of talk about,” all the artists are leaving” and a bunch have but doesn’t mean that Art is dead here…… Here are a couple pics i shot as a preview of the Show..

"Quiet Morning on the lake" - Captured this guy yesterday morning looking for his breakfast .. It was unusually quiet and still on the water. This was one of the only birds on the hunt for breakfast!

"Party Animal" - Met this guy over the weekend… Was kind enough to pose so i could snap a picture as well. Impeccably polite and startlingly dismissive at the same time.„

" This city is going to crap! I mean, where’s the heart? And i’m a native. Grew up right down here in North Beach.. All these people have a silver spoon up their ass.. They think their shit taste like ice cream!" - Fred at "The Buena Vista Cafe” …. I love to go to this place (Famous for irish coffees).. I also love to talk to Old folks. They have the best stories and points of view. Heres a pic i shot yesterday during one of those experiences..

Musée Mécanique - "With Tim Burton and Fellini in mind, I attempted to portray real life versus the life of dolls and puppets .. an idea of living versus living an imitation." -Marcell Turner, Director

Presidio - San Francisco, Ca 2014……

Captured this moment here with the guardsman putting up the flags and getting ready for the day.. Just thought it was a interesting moment and a glance into what is a everyday event for him and the Presidio but a classic moment for me..

San Francisco reminds me of Rome and a lot of times i try and shoot it as if it is . With all the pillars and great statues and fountains. This is one of my favorite places to shoot, for obvious reasons….. “Palace of Fine Arts”…